An update … Little new

It is a cool, windy day on the outskirts of paradise. It’s a bit tough walking into the wind, but even tougher walking with it. I have to use the brakes on the walker to keep me from ending up in the next county!

This is what they call winter down here (50s – 60s), although I am told this is a remarkably moderate year. Mind you, I’d prefer it to be mid-70s myself.

South-east U.S. seems to be sheltered from the nasty and severely-nasty weather that plagues the rest of the country – especially in mid-west and north-east. Even last winter was the same. There was snow in all 50 States (including Hawaii), but Florida was spared.

The idiots in Ottawa decided to unexpectedly drop the prime interest rate (why? No one seems to know), and so the Cdn dollar took a nose-dive to .80¢ U.S., so $1.00 U.S. now costs about $1.35, including bank charges. It’s outrageous.

I’m waiting for a nice day to go shopping. I forgot to pack my short-sleeve shirts, and I need a haircut – not that such things bother me. Still, it would be nice to get away from the hotel for a spell.

Otherwise, the health remains good, and the writing is progressing. Not today, however: It’s book review day.

More next time.

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