No Snow…

That’s the good news considering what is happening in the North East (particularly Massachusetts.) The got socked, big time – 24” of snow, and 50 m.p.h. winds. Yikes.

Oh, it’s cool here (56 today) but without the wind it is quite comfortable.

I managed to set up an ebill account with hydro, this morning, and after only three or four tries it worked. Therefore, I am away that my bill for January is $311! Outrageous, when you consider my thermostat is set at 15C.

To add insult to Injury, I read that the ‘smart’ meters (costing $2B to install) are burning people’s houses down, and that Ontario is selling off a surplus of power at a 75% discount. How’s that for good government.

I will be wandering over to the restaurant in a few minutes. It’s a huge area, mahogany panelled, and ‘dimly’ lit. I say ‘dimly’ because it’s rather like eating in a cave.

The food is passable, though, ranging for hors d’oeuvres to steaks and prime rib at $25.00 per serving.

I stick to the bottom end of the scale, which is around $8.00. Tonight, I think I’ll order the Tuna Tataki (raw tuna) with Sashimi and seaweed salad. It’s about the tastiest of the dishes, but the Tuna is only about the size of a cigarette package.

I’ve made myself hungry, so I’m off to dinner.

More next time.

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