A nasty day … But no snow…

A spitting rain, cool north-east wind, and a temp of 51F, made for a nasty day. It’s the type of damp/cool that goes right through you.

Needless to say, after my walk up the hill for breakfast I stayed in my room and wrote. That wasn’t  particularly pleasant either, because the main WiFi is out. I can get on the net using a secondary portal, but it is as slow as the second coming of Christ.

Mind you, none of this is as bad as around home where the temps won’t see a + sign until well into March. Incredible!

Lots of tourists. It’s spring break for rug rats, plus lots of activity at Daytona Raceway. Three big events this weekend, so people are driving in from everywhere. The temp is forecast to be in the mid-sixties, but we’ll see how that translates on the comfort index.

Personally, I wouldn’t spend five minutes watching a bunch of cars to round in circles in 65-degree temps,but to each his own.

No news: just eat, sleep and write, so more next time.


A cool, Rainy day in Georgia…

Temps in the 50s with a cool breeze; however, it’s practically tropical compared to temps around home.

The Harper and Wynne governments are killing me, too. Just today I made out cheques to their respective governments for $1.500 – hydro, taxes, etc.

I see the price of gasoline is leaping up, too. Three weeks ago it was $1.93 a gallon, and today it is $2.17. Leave it to the oil companies not to loose out for too long. The problem they have is that they don’t control the Saudis.

It’s costing me money, but if I could see the oil companies brought to their knees I’d consider it money well spent.

I lost my favourite housekeeper the other day. Don’t know why. She just disappeared. The same with my favourite male server. Nothing is as constant as change, and it is seldom for the better.

No news on the personal front. I finally worked my way through a scene I’ve been struggling with for months. I have ‘finished’ it several times, but it kept calling me back for a rewrite, so hopefully I nailed it this time.

More next time.

Brrrrrrrr … Southern style

Okay, it’s not minus Fahrenheit, but it’s presently 39 degrees. I packed 50-degree, 60-degree, and a 70-degree sweaters,  but I was unprepared for this.

To show you how crazy the weather is: Saturday’s forecast is in the 70s, Sunday is 78, and Monday is 60 again.

It’s spring break for the rug rats, and so the tourists are all dragging one or two of them around. So far it hasn’t been so bad, but I don’t want to speak too soon.

I received my hydro bill the other day. *Shock!* Remembering that I’m not there, and the thermostat is set at 15C (roughly 58F) it still came to $421! However, here’s the shocker: Most of that goes to subsidies for producers so that they can make a profit! This part of the bill has increased 1,215% in the past decade. It is utterly ridiculous.

The writing is going well but slowly. However, this is the final draft before it goes to the editor, so I’m dotting ‘I’s’ and crossing ‘ts’.

More next time.


No snow… :)

valentines day greeting copy

It’ a cool day (51F), here on the outskirts of paradise.

The south/east U.S.A. tends to be sheltered from the rest of it. I recall last year when forty-nine states, including Hawaii, got snow, but not south/east Georgia and Florida. Bravo.

I didn’t win the $500,000,000, so I guess I will have to settle for the $550,000,000 riding on tonight’s draw. If I win that I’ll be able to afford to drink in Canada, and even pay for hydro in Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario.

I managed to go shopping on Wednesday, so I got my hair cut and bought a tripod for taking videos. So far, the weather hasn’t cooperated to do this, and there is nothing exciting in forthcoming week, but hopefully that will improve in the not too distant future.

The exchange rate continues to take its toll on my bank account, plus bank charges and the Canadian weather. So far this month it has cost me $400 in snow removal, and another $388 for hydro! Of course Wynne, Harper, Oliver and Provos don’t give a darn. They’re living very well on my money.

It’s a long weekend (Presidents’ Day), so there are beaucoup tourists on the move. a noisy bunch moved into the room next door, but fortunately they left this morning. It is not so bad if they stay in the room, but they seem to want to take it outside.Mind you, there is no one in the word save them, and so they never consider the noise.

More next time

More videos…

It was an exceptional day today – 65F, but mid 60s feels like 70 at home. I think it has something to do with the breeze (not as cool here.) Tomorrow is forecast to be even better – 72 with plenty of sun.

Since there were good light and blue skies, I took the camera out to take more videos. I still haven’t discovered how to combine the various takes, and so I must publish them individually.

The Adobe video editor will do some marvelous things, but I think I will have to purchase a tutorial to learn how to use it. It is just too complicated to learn on my own.

This first video includes my indispensable housekeeper, Nanji. I call her “Cricket” because she ‘flits’ from place to place. She also reminds me of Granny Clampett – small and feisty.

Nonetheless, if ever I want or need something, she can find it in a thrice. So here she is:

This second shot is just a different view around the hotel. I love the Georgia or “lodge-pole” pines. Straight as an arrow and beautifully brushed out:

The third shot is where I walk to breakfast every morning. The Waffle House is located on the left (behind the small trees, and about where the tall sign is. The laneway that also leads to the store, so it is very handy. PS – I buy my Megamillions and Powerballl tickets there, as well. ($360M this week!)

More next time.


It a rainy day in Georgia — hmm, that would make a great line for a tune. I’ve been lucky, though, because I didn’t get wet on my trip up the hill to the Waffle House.

I took my Sony ‘Handycam’ with me, but when I got back I discovered – after a full two days of leaning how I could post videos to this page, the camera was working!!

This whole thing has been a nightmare, all due to manufacturers of hardware and software more interested in bells and whistle than on whether the damned things will work as advertised. It’s a damned fraud.

However, I have worked out a method whereby I can share them with you. It involves uploading them to YouTube and then back down to this page.

Here are some early experiments:

That was a brief look at the grounds, plus the swimming pool, and here is a peek inside  the restaurant. As you can see it is pretty gloomy, and cavernous. This view is only one section. There is another section that is twice this side. PS: Notice the crap music in the background.

More next time.

One of the good days…

Recently, the weather has been so-so — Not cold, but not warm either. However, today the temp is 71F, so I am enjoying it with the door open.

Since I haven’t been away from the hotel, and since I’m alone here most of the time (except when tourists invade my space), there is not a lot to tell.

Had another falling out with the restaurant. A delegation including Miss Teen U.S.A. was occupying my usual section, so I was seated in the bar area. There are 3 bartenders: Andrew, Dwayne, and Esther, and every time Esther is on I have trouble. She is one of those individuals who is there to do her job, and that is all. So when I sat there for about five minutes without anyone coming near me, I got up and left.

The managers are going to hear it from me tonight. though.

I am planning to go shopping when the weather turns warmer. I need some short-sleeve shirts etc., and a haircut. However, I’m less concerned about my hair. Having shorter hair isn’t going to win the battle, and so long as I am clean and respectably dressed, I don’t care what other people may think. I don’t have to look at myself.

I am still seething over the Canadian government’s handling of my affairs. I just took $100 of MY MONEY out of the ATM machine, and it cost me $134-and-change! Plus, I am being forced to change my flight home to avoid difficulties with immigration – I will have been out of the country 120 days on May 1st, but my flight is currently set for May 7th. That will cost me an additional $120.

Presently waiting for my jackets to dry. My housekeeper does them for me. The pants and T shirts I can do in the sink.

More next time.