One of the good days…

Recently, the weather has been so-so — Not cold, but not warm either. However, today the temp is 71F, so I am enjoying it with the door open.

Since I haven’t been away from the hotel, and since I’m alone here most of the time (except when tourists invade my space), there is not a lot to tell.

Had another falling out with the restaurant. A delegation including Miss Teen U.S.A. was occupying my usual section, so I was seated in the bar area. There are 3 bartenders: Andrew, Dwayne, and Esther, and every time Esther is on I have trouble. She is one of those individuals who is there to do her job, and that is all. So when I sat there for about five minutes without anyone coming near me, I got up and left.

The managers are going to hear it from me tonight. though.

I am planning to go shopping when the weather turns warmer. I need some short-sleeve shirts etc., and a haircut. However, I’m less concerned about my hair. Having shorter hair isn’t going to win the battle, and so long as I am clean and respectably dressed, I don’t care what other people may think. I don’t have to look at myself.

I am still seething over the Canadian government’s handling of my affairs. I just took $100 of MY MONEY out of the ATM machine, and it cost me $134-and-change! Plus, I am being forced to change my flight home to avoid difficulties with immigration – I will have been out of the country 120 days on May 1st, but my flight is currently set for May 7th. That will cost me an additional $120.

Presently waiting for my jackets to dry. My housekeeper does them for me. The pants and T shirts I can do in the sink.

More next time.

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