It a rainy day in Georgia — hmm, that would make a great line for a tune. I’ve been lucky, though, because I didn’t get wet on my trip up the hill to the Waffle House.

I took my Sony ‘Handycam’ with me, but when I got back I discovered – after a full two days of leaning how I could post videos to this page, the camera was working!!

This whole thing has been a nightmare, all due to manufacturers of hardware and software more interested in bells and whistle than on whether the damned things will work as advertised. It’s a damned fraud.

However, I have worked out a method whereby I can share them with you. It involves uploading them to YouTube and then back down to this page.

Here are some early experiments:

That was a brief look at the grounds, plus the swimming pool, and here is a peek inside  the restaurant. As you can see it is pretty gloomy, and cavernous. This view is only one section. There is another section that is twice this side. PS: Notice the crap music in the background.

More next time.

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