More videos…

It was an exceptional day today – 65F, but mid 60s feels like 70 at home. I think it has something to do with the breeze (not as cool here.) Tomorrow is forecast to be even better – 72 with plenty of sun.

Since there were good light and blue skies, I took the camera out to take more videos. I still haven’t discovered how to combine the various takes, and so I must publish them individually.

The Adobe video editor will do some marvelous things, but I think I will have to purchase a tutorial to learn how to use it. It is just too complicated to learn on my own.

This first video includes my indispensable housekeeper, Nanji. I call her “Cricket” because she ‘flits’ from place to place. She also reminds me of Granny Clampett – small and feisty.

Nonetheless, if ever I want or need something, she can find it in a thrice. So here she is:

This second shot is just a different view around the hotel. I love the Georgia or “lodge-pole” pines. Straight as an arrow and beautifully brushed out:

The third shot is where I walk to breakfast every morning. The Waffle House is located on the left (behind the small trees, and about where the tall sign is. The laneway that also leads to the store, so it is very handy. PS – I buy my Megamillions and Powerballl tickets there, as well. ($360M this week!)

More next time.

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