No snow… :)

valentines day greeting copy

It’ a cool day (51F), here on the outskirts of paradise.

The south/east U.S.A. tends to be sheltered from the rest of it. I recall last year when forty-nine states, including Hawaii, got snow, but not south/east Georgia and Florida. Bravo.

I didn’t win the $500,000,000, so I guess I will have to settle for the $550,000,000 riding on tonight’s draw. If I win that I’ll be able to afford to drink in Canada, and even pay for hydro in Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario.

I managed to go shopping on Wednesday, so I got my hair cut and bought a tripod for taking videos. So far, the weather hasn’t cooperated to do this, and there is nothing exciting in forthcoming week, but hopefully that will improve in the not too distant future.

The exchange rate continues to take its toll on my bank account, plus bank charges and the Canadian weather. So far this month it has cost me $400 in snow removal, and another $388 for hydro! Of course Wynne, Harper, Oliver and Provos don’t give a darn. They’re living very well on my money.

It’s a long weekend (Presidents’ Day), so there are beaucoup tourists on the move. a noisy bunch moved into the room next door, but fortunately they left this morning. It is not so bad if they stay in the room, but they seem to want to take it outside.Mind you, there is no one in the word save them, and so they never consider the noise.

More next time

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