Brrrrrrrr … Southern style

Okay, it’s not minus Fahrenheit, but it’s presently 39 degrees. I packed 50-degree, 60-degree, and a 70-degree sweaters,  but I was unprepared for this.

To show you how crazy the weather is: Saturday’s forecast is in the 70s, Sunday is 78, and Monday is 60 again.

It’s spring break for the rug rats, and so the tourists are all dragging one or two of them around. So far it hasn’t been so bad, but I don’t want to speak too soon.

I received my hydro bill the other day. *Shock!* Remembering that I’m not there, and the thermostat is set at 15C (roughly 58F) it still came to $421! However, here’s the shocker: Most of that goes to subsidies for producers so that they can make a profit! This part of the bill has increased 1,215% in the past decade. It is utterly ridiculous.

The writing is going well but slowly. However, this is the final draft before it goes to the editor, so I’m dotting ‘I’s’ and crossing ‘ts’.

More next time.


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