A cool, Rainy day in Georgia…

Temps in the 50s with a cool breeze; however, it’s practically tropical compared to temps around home.

The Harper and Wynne governments are killing me, too. Just today I made out cheques to their respective governments for $1.500 – hydro, taxes, etc.

I see the price of gasoline is leaping up, too. Three weeks ago it was $1.93 a gallon, and today it is $2.17. Leave it to the oil companies not to loose out for too long. The problem they have is that they don’t control the Saudis.

It’s costing me money, but if I could see the oil companies brought to their knees I’d consider it money well spent.

I lost my favourite housekeeper the other day. Don’t know why. She just disappeared. The same with my favourite male server. Nothing is as constant as change, and it is seldom for the better.

No news on the personal front. I finally worked my way through a scene I’ve been struggling with for months. I have ‘finished’ it several times, but it kept calling me back for a rewrite, so hopefully I nailed it this time.

More next time.

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