A nasty day … But no snow…

A spitting rain, cool north-east wind, and a temp of 51F, made for a nasty day. It’s the type of damp/cool that goes right through you.

Needless to say, after my walk up the hill for breakfast I stayed in my room and wrote. That wasn’t  particularly pleasant either, because the main WiFi is out. I can get on the net using a secondary portal, but it is as slow as the second coming of Christ.

Mind you, none of this is as bad as around home where the temps won’t see a + sign until well into March. Incredible!

Lots of tourists. It’s spring break for rug rats, plus lots of activity at Daytona Raceway. Three big events this weekend, so people are driving in from everywhere. The temp is forecast to be in the mid-sixties, but we’ll see how that translates on the comfort index.

Personally, I wouldn’t spend five minutes watching a bunch of cars to round in circles in 65-degree temps,but to each his own.

No news: just eat, sleep and write, so more next time.


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