Computers: The most diabolical machine ever invented by man…

No … Let me take  that back. Microcrap is the worst — followed by internet providers.

Presently the primary internet connection is down, which has slowed everything down to a crawl. Also reduced my hair by several handfuls.

The weather is gorgeous: Mid-seventies and up most days. The spring flowers are starting to bloom – tiny ones so far, but there are no flower beds here at the hotel, so I can’t really tell.

The down side is the pollen count. I’ve never suffered from allergies before, but my immune system is also not used to palm-pollen, etc. So, when I feel headachie I just close the door and turn on the AC.

I currently have an ad running on Swisssh Net Radio out of Orillia ( I wish I could share it with you, but WordPress doesn’t accept MP3-audio formats.Rob Reid has done a great job of voicing it.

Can you imagine I’ll be heading home in less than a month-and-a-half? Where has the time gone?!

The Canadian dollar continues zap me. Currently it stands at 79-cents – down from 90 when I came south in November. In addition, I’m not making any money from my investments either, so it is the worst of both worlds. So much for !@#$%  government.

More nexxt time.

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