God is not kind…

Yesterday a group of about half-dozen kids moved into the hotel, and are now shrieking around the pool. I can’t imagine how they manage to squeal in a register that hasn’t even been invented yet, but that can penetrate soundproofing like a hot knife through butter.

In addition, maintenance just proudly announced that he had fixed the poolside speakers … Oh joy! Now I can listen to crap music 24-hours a day.

It is an overcast day, but wonderfully warm with no wind (77F). I am working with the door open (so I get the full effects of the kids and Shania Twit bellowing “Hear me Roar” all the way down to Miami Beach.)

I see the Canadian press is jumping with excitement over the news that the Loonie took a ‘major’ jump (half a cent) to .7998 cents. Whoopee shit! Meanwhile, Stephen Poloz (Governor of the Bank of Canada) spent $100,000 of taxpayer’s money on one meeting with his millionaire cronies.

A little more than a month before I migrate home … Can you believe it?!

More next time..


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