Getting an early start…

The forecast is for thunder showers today, and so I didn’t want to risk the walk (about 500 yards) to the Waffle House for breakfast. I have a rain cape, but it’s not lightning proof.

Because of this, I went to the lobby for a coffee. Albeit, along with the coffee I had to listen to this awful morning show. The host is a black guy with the personality of fundamentalist preacher – you probably know the one – and it is definitely aimed at women.

Anyway, he had a woman on his show this morning who is an ‘X-spert’ in body language (Yah, right!) She was passing out bon mots to women on how to pick-up a man, with such sage advice as: “Keep your navel pointed toward your target,” and “If you order a ‘Shirley Temple,’ you’re bound to turn him off.”

About five minutes into this drivel I finally gulped my coffee and made a retreat toward sanity.

How can people watch this crap?!

Keeping my nose to the keyboard and making good progress. Temperature is a slightly breezy 75.

More next time.

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