Feeling somewhat melancholy today…

I think it has something to do with having to make the return trip next week.

It’s always depressing. The plane trip with the stopover in Charlotte is a hassle, And there is always the anxiety of making it to the washroom without my walker. Then, there’s the shuttle to Orillia.

Hopefully, when I make the trip to Belize it will be final.

Presenttly I am debating on whether to winter there before  actually selling the property, etc. I need to get the advice of a few people at home (my financial adviser) for one before I decide.

My own feelings are that if I am going to do it anyway, I may as well do it and be done with it. I am also bearing in mind Wynne’s estate tax in ‘Government Infested Ontario.’ I’d rather chew glass before I give that fool of a woman one more cent if I can help it.

Beyond that, it is 85 degrees, but there is a cool wind.

More next time

Big news…

Here’s a hint…


It’s Belize, and as soon as it can be arranged I will be emigrating there on a permanent basis.

Yes, I know it’s quite a change at my age, and handicapped to boot, but with the exchange rate being so high, and predicted to get worse, wintering in the USA is no longer feasible.

In addition, there are a number of advantages: The Canadian dollar is worth $1.64 to the Belize dollar; rent is $500/month ($1000 for a gated community); $50,000 buys a 1-bedroom house; average property taxes are less than $500/yearly; immigration is easy. A $25 visitors card gets you in; and the average temp (year round) is 75F.

Compare this with freezing my ass off; being taxed to death; paying hydro bills that are already over $400/month (and promised to be worse); and Harper and Wynne. Need I say more?

We are presently under a tornado watch until 3:00 PM, but presently all it is doing is raining.

A bunch of Neanderthals moved into the hotel yesterday – a wedding party (the worst.) They all got together for a grand ole part until 2:30 AM this morning, so I complained to the desk. The wedding is today, but I see the hotel has moved them somewhere else – hopefully out on the street.

The days are getting few before I travel North  (reluctantly), but I see there are some 70s in the forecast for the start of May. Yay!

More next time.

Another gorgeous day. Even though I’m being shafted by the exchange rate, I’m getting my money’s worth from the weather – 86 today.

I still can’t believe I will be leaving all this in less than three weeks. Where has the time gone?

On the other hand, I was reading online that an Australian girl was retained for three weeks because she overstayed her visa by 11 hrs. It was a Canadian border agent who caused it all as well. What a bunch of bureaucratic pricks they are.

I really will be sorry to leave. Travelling is always a hassle – for me, anyhow. If it can go wrong it will. I always manage with the help of my Kina-jek (guardian angel), however, so all’s well that ends well.

The upside is, that a number of going-away parties are being given on my behalf. Mind you, I don’t know whether they are sorry to see me go, or happy.

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The days dwindle down to a precious few…

It is amazing how the time has flown, but that is always the way about pleasant things, i.e. the weather. Presently it is 81 under cloudy skies, and the forecast is for mid-eighties all week. However, I’m glad to see some  60s around home.

The exchange rate hasn’t improved. The dollar is presently .79 cents US, so the prospect of buying a place down here and relocating is now out of the question. Otherwise, I would seriously consider it. “Blunder Woman” Wynne now has her eye on my estate, so I am looking at ways of getting around this, and dispursement and liquidation is one of them.

I will have a chat with my financial counsellor when I get home.

You’ve probably heard or seen the ‘come-on’ ads for Ancestry.com. Don’t be suckered into these money traps. I accepted their offer for a “free” 90-day trail last August, and in March I noticed a charge from them on my credit card. I naturally registered a dispute with BMO Mastercard, but they claim there is nothing they can do about it.

Miind you, they are only too eager to accept a usurous interest rate and other charges.

Moreover, when I try to cancel the subscription on their website, Ancestry asks for a password which, not surprising, doesn’t work – even though it worked to get me onto their website in the first place.

So be advised.

I have finally figured out a way to share my Two Irish Lads radio spot with you, so for those of you who may not have heard it previously, here it is:

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Nice to see some 60-degree temps around home…

So keep it up. I’ll be back in less than a month. Ulp!Where did the time go.

It’s summertime weather here – in the 80s before noon. Presently, it is 86. Love it!

I see the Canadian economy is floundering as usual. The dollar is worth .79 cents and my investments are going nowhere. To make matters worse, ‘Blunder Woman’ has turned the fire departments into revenue collectors. The fine for not having an operating smoke alarm is $350, and the gestapo can write a ticket on the spot. Then it’s up to you to fight it.

Do you get the impression that we a fast becoming a police/revenuer state?

I think I may be looking for a new country with a more favourable exchange rate for next winter. The prediction is that the CAD is not likely to improve over the next year. However, if my health permits, I am not going to spend another winter in Canada.

Otherwise, all is well. I have decided to rely more on my editor rather than trying to make it word perfect. After all, that is what I’m paying him for. I’ll put the ideas together, and he can make it readable. 🙂

More next time.

Yes, I am still alive and kicking…

Which is probably good news to my creditors and tax collectors.

We’re presently under a storm alert, and it is getting dark outside, but not much action so far. Just as I said that it started just pounding down. We need the rain, though. It has been awfully dry, and the spring plants need a little moisture.

The other advantage of rain at this time of day – 4:38 – is that it generally gets it out of the way before morning (when I go out for breakfast.

The temps are mostly in the hi-70s and mid 80s, so it is comfortable enough.

I see “Blunder Woman” has raised the cost of air transportation. That stupid woman is bound she is going to make me a prisoner of winter – and bankrupt me in the process. If brains were dynamite she couldn’t blow her nose,

Went shopping for daily-use Aspirins. In Canada these cost about $17 per 120 tablets. Here, I nearly fell over when the girl told me they were $1.79 per 100, and $5 per 500 tablets – I bought 2 of the 500 lot (1,000 pills) for less than 120 in Canada.

Just a month and two days and I will be winging home!!

More next time.