Yes, I am still alive and kicking…

Which is probably good news to my creditors and tax collectors.

We’re presently under a storm alert, and it is getting dark outside, but not much action so far. Just as I said that it started just pounding down. We need the rain, though. It has been awfully dry, and the spring plants need a little moisture.

The other advantage of rain at this time of day – 4:38 – is that it generally gets it out of the way before morning (when I go out for breakfast.

The temps are mostly in the hi-70s and mid 80s, so it is comfortable enough.

I see “Blunder Woman” has raised the cost of air transportation. That stupid woman is bound she is going to make me a prisoner of winter – and bankrupt me in the process. If brains were dynamite she couldn’t blow her nose,

Went shopping for daily-use Aspirins. In Canada these cost about $17 per 120 tablets. Here, I nearly fell over when the girl told me they were $1.79 per 100, and $5 per 500 tablets – I bought 2 of the 500 lot (1,000 pills) for less than 120 in Canada.

Just a month and two days and I will be winging home!!

More next time.

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