Nice to see some 60-degree temps around home…

So keep it up. I’ll be back in less than a month. Ulp!Where did the time go.

It’s summertime weather here – in the 80s before noon. Presently, it is 86. Love it!

I see the Canadian economy is floundering as usual. The dollar is worth .79 cents and my investments are going nowhere. To make matters worse, ‘Blunder Woman’ has turned the fire departments into revenue collectors. The fine for not having an operating smoke alarm is $350, and the gestapo can write a ticket on the spot. Then it’s up to you to fight it.

Do you get the impression that we a fast becoming a police/revenuer state?

I think I may be looking for a new country with a more favourable exchange rate for next winter. The prediction is that the CAD is not likely to improve over the next year. However, if my health permits, I am not going to spend another winter in Canada.

Otherwise, all is well. I have decided to rely more on my editor rather than trying to make it word perfect. After all, that is what I’m paying him for. I’ll put the ideas together, and he can make it readable. 🙂

More next time.

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