Another gorgeous day. Even though I’m being shafted by the exchange rate, I’m getting my money’s worth from the weather – 86 today.

I still can’t believe I will be leaving all this in less than three weeks. Where has the time gone?

On the other hand, I was reading online that an Australian girl was retained for three weeks because she overstayed her visa by 11 hrs. It was a Canadian border agent who caused it all as well. What a bunch of bureaucratic pricks they are.

I really will be sorry to leave. Travelling is always a hassle – for me, anyhow. If it can go wrong it will. I always manage with the help of my Kina-jek (guardian angel), however, so all’s well that ends well.

The upside is, that a number of going-away parties are being given on my behalf. Mind you, I don’t know whether they are sorry to see me go, or happy.

More next time

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