Big news…

Here’s a hint…


It’s Belize, and as soon as it can be arranged I will be emigrating there on a permanent basis.

Yes, I know it’s quite a change at my age, and handicapped to boot, but with the exchange rate being so high, and predicted to get worse, wintering in the USA is no longer feasible.

In addition, there are a number of advantages: The Canadian dollar is worth $1.64 to the Belize dollar; rent is $500/month ($1000 for a gated community); $50,000 buys a 1-bedroom house; average property taxes are less than $500/yearly; immigration is easy. A $25 visitors card gets you in; and the average temp (year round) is 75F.

Compare this with freezing my ass off; being taxed to death; paying hydro bills that are already over $400/month (and promised to be worse); and Harper and Wynne. Need I say more?

We are presently under a tornado watch until 3:00 PM, but presently all it is doing is raining.

A bunch of Neanderthals moved into the hotel yesterday – a wedding party (the worst.) They all got together for a grand ole part until 2:30 AM this morning, so I complained to the desk. The wedding is today, but I see the hotel has moved them somewhere else – hopefully out on the street.

The days are getting few before I travel North  (reluctantly), but I see there are some 70s in the forecast for the start of May. Yay!

More next time.

2 thoughts on “Big news…

  1. WOW! Good for you Gerry, go for it. Keep us posted how you are. Have fun with all those beach boys. Kay

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  2. Thanks Kay. I’m looking forward to it. There is a lot to be done first, as you know, but it is all doable. I don’t have all that many years left, and I may as well live them out in comfort.

    Hope you you and Lyle can do the same. 🙂

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