It’s catch-up time again

The return trip home

Travel is always an adventure for me, so it was in keeping that the plane to Charlotte N.C. was delayed for 20 minutes leaving Jacksonville FL, and since I only had an hour to make my connection to Toronto, this made it a tight squeeze. Therefore, I made the connection just as they were shutting the doors.

The plane from Charlotte was a 50-passenger regional, meaning it was too small to use the regular gate. Consequently, they wheeled a set of stairs up the plane for the passengers to disembark.

That was fine, because if I have railings to hang onto I can manage stars … The problem being with this one the railings started at the floor of the plane.

Finally, they waved the stairs away and brought in a heavy duty ‘scissor-lift – the type used to unload freight – and so I descended on my own special platform like the King of Siam.

Never a dull moment! Smile

And the fun doesn’t stop there

I arrived home on Wednesday, and my car died on  Friday (these things always happen on  the weekend!) Consequently, I rented a van until I can get the car into the service garage.

Now, my own van is a 1997, and the rental is a 2014, so I have no idea what all these buttons are for – in fact I didn’t even  know how to put the key into the ignition until I figured it out.

I was going to buy another car, but in the long run I decided it would be cheaper to fix the old girl for hundreds instead of thousands.

More next time.

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