Busy day, but productive…

The doctor gave me a clean bill of health for Belize, so that’s one question out of the way, and after I talk to my accountant tomorrow (for advice), it’s full speed ahead.


I discovered a new delight today, so I’ll pass it along.

I have a tendency to get over-hydrated, so I must monitor my fluid intake somewhat carefully. This includes sucking on an ice cube instead of actually drinking when I am thirsty.

However, there is a company that puts out a line of frozen fruit in a bag – including mango cubes. This is just fruit with nothing added, and so it is quite healthy; also refreshing. Pour out a bowl of still frozen mango and munch away.. 🙂

I hate appointments…

They oppress me. For example, my fist one this morning (dentist) cost me $1500, and I have another with the doctor Thursday afternoon.

Worse, it is necessitated by the government, so it’s bound to cost money.

The good news is that these are the last two before I can settle down to selling the contents – those that are not going to the family – and the house.

My schedule is to be in the air for Belize November 4th.