Here comes the storm, and other observations

2015 11 25_0206Here comes the storm!

I’ve been playing pack-up-your-things-and-run-inside all day, but so far I haven’t gotten wet.

It’s strange, but on an island there is no thunder and lightning (that I’ve experienced): Just black skies and sheets of rain that reach the water. In addition, it only rains, etc., for about 30 min. max.

Ambergris is not a typical example of living in Belize. The scenery is beautiful, and the temps divine, but the prices are top buck for 3rd world.

Still, I’d like to live here. That’s a combination of wanting to put Wynne’s Ontario and Trudeau’s ‘white-knight’ Canada behind me, and – on the other hand – the draw of gorgeous vistas and 29C temps.

Anyone see a flaw in that?

Ooops, Time to run inside again. Ta-ta for now.

Getting closer...
Getting closer…
Thar she blows!
Thar she blows!

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