Aftermath of the storm, etc.

After last night’s fairly major blow, the storm drapes were still up when I went for breakfast this morning. In addition, there are white caps in the bay, and the water is literally boiling out on the barrier reef.

Most restaurants along the beach are patio-style with a very small interior – if any at all. My hotel room, for example, has no glass; only screens with adjustable metal shutters. I mean, who needs windows when the temperature only drops to 22C at night?!

Today is Thanksgiving. The Belizeans celebrate it with the Americans. The restaurant pictured below (where I eat most of the time) is serving Thanksgiving dinner – jerk turkey with all the trimmings, and steak and lobster. I am going for the latter, but I’d love to try the jerk turkey.

It’s a cool 25C today.

Storm drapes at Jambel's Jerk Pit restaurant.
Storm drapes at Jambel’s Jerk Pit restaurant.

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