Why me, Lord?!

From this distance this catamaran looks small, but the mast is about 30′ tall. It’s a beauty, but I’ve only seen them take it out a few times.

I think they must have left the doors open at the Belize Zoo, today. From some idiot that was trying to start a fight at the sports bar next door, to some black woman whose entire vocabulary consisted of “f*ck” interspersed with a word or two of pigeon English.

Needless to say, you could hear them all over the island, but nothing is done quietly here. Even talking on the telephone is done at 110 decibels (the level of a rock band!)

Then, if that wasn’t enough, a pack of rug rats decided to use the front yard as a playground.


Why me, Lord?!

Temp: 26C with an onshore breeze.

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