The honeymoon is over in Ambergris…

I’m beginning to dislike Ambergris with a considerable passion – The loud, obnoxious, drunken tourists, the mooching locals, and the petty thieves. Oh, and did I mention the so-called ‘music’? I swear to God that if I hear another reggae tune I will quite literally puke.

Regarding the drunken tourists, they were already warming up at 9:30 this morning, and they are at about middle gear presently. By 6:00 o’clock they will be in full bloom – and voice – and another sleepless night will ensue.

The obnoxious set includes women, who are probably the loudest of all. No shrinking violets these. The men are generally loud, but the women go out of their way to be loud, hooting like banshees.

Re: The mooches – Hardly a day goes by when I am not approached by some sad-faced mooch asking for a handout. Today there are two separate women making the rounds (mother and daughter, I suspect). They are carrying some sort of letter – in the same handwriting – and even assailed me in the restaurant at lunch.

And then we have the thieves. You daren’t put anything down no matter what it is, or whether they can use/sell it or not. Someone swiped the cord for my 17” computer off the veranda – which only fits that model – plus two cans of bug spray. The result is that they have doubled my work.

The 15” will allow me to continue writing, but the keyboard is smaller –causing typos – the screen is smaller, and it is waY slower. In addition I have to pack everything up each time I move out of sight.

I am also nervous about working outside after dark, but to work inside involves putting the computer on the walker seat and using the bed as a mousepad.

All this because some self-entitled punk stole a power cord he/she can’t use.

I hope to be able to leave the island on January 5th/16 (I’ll bet Christmas and New Year’s Eve are going to be a noisy hell!)



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