belize scene copy

Looks lovely and peaceful, doesn’t it? …And for brief interludes – when people just let the sounds of nature prevail – it is.

However, as is the wont of the Millennial Generation, both the tourists and the locals can’t seem to abide tranquility. For example, I have just suffered through a loooong jungle drum episode with a lot of pseudo-authentic babbling and beating of drums. It was about as entertaining as listening to a jack hammer for half-an-hour.

Last night (and early this morning) we had some middle-aged juvenile running about with a ghetto blaster cranked to the max with some rap crap. This was off and on from about 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Oh, and in between we had some potty-mouthed females screaming obscenities at one another.

However, geographically it is gorgeous.

We have had near gale winds for the past two days. I think it is part of the system that gave Mississippi tornadoes the other day. The winds are not strong enough to do any damage here, but they sure do howl around the corners of the hotel.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas, and enjoy.

Gerry B.

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