suddenly the island is crawling with tourists….

Latinos, which basically means there’s three kids and a set of grandparents for every one you see.

There is a contingent of Americans as well, looking lost and blocking the sidewalk while they figure out where they are.

In case you’re saying “you’re a tourist too,” not true. I’m a paid-up, temporary citizen of Belize, and I have my receipt to prove it.

The winds continue to howl, twenty-four hours a day, and the surf is eroding the only path I hasve to get in and out of the hotel. In addition, sea weed has washed ashore a good thirty feet from where it generally is. The Town of San Pedro generally employs crews to rake it up and carry it away, but it is useless under conditions like these.

I have just come back from my food-run. It’s about a half-mile trek, but it saves me about $30 – $40 BZD. Lunch and dinner (I buy both at once) costs $10 ea. BZD – compared to $28 for one.

I am getting royally T’d off with my breakfast restaurant. It is operated by a Jamaican whose management style is to sit back and give orders.

The single girl who is on duty for breakfast is nice enough, but waitressing is not her long suit. She is slow, forgetful, and she gets flustered if a large table comes in. If she had to handle the Sat. and Sun. crowds at Grover’s they’d be leading her away in a straight jacket before the morning was oiver.

In other words, she’s NO Patricia.

I have started the second round of edits on Two Irish Lads: Second Edition, which includes sizing all the vectors and illustrations to the exact size. It’s a lot of work, especially with this small format machine. I have just about pulled my eyes right out of my head working on it.

PS: A lovely family of Latinos has just moved in beside me: Mother, father, two kids and a toddler, and grandparents. Oh Joy!

The locals hardly ever sit to drive their boats. Most stand and go-like-hell.


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