I went shopping today. Didn’t bring anything home, but I managed to spend over $200 BZD – $50 to stay in the country, and $150 for a power cord that would fit my 17″ computer.

So, some low-life moron who stole the original – he/she can’t use – has cost me about $105 CAD. That’s actually a fairly good price,  because one of the scams played by computer manufacturers is to charge an arm and a leg for after-market parts. So a power cord in Canada would cost about $139.

There is a group of ‘educators’ staying at the Inn – about a half-dozen of them., mid-twenties – who are here to set up some sort of course at the local elementary school. However, apart from  drinking and screwing, I haven’t seen too much education coming out of them.

This morning one came down stairs to lie in the hammock with his ipod playing rap crap. Now, I had just returned from an expensive breakfast with reggae-rap-crap playing far too loud in the background; someone’s spoiled brat reciting his “I wants” list as though he was Little Lord Fonelroy; and someone’s kid squealing around the pool.

Therefore, it didn’t take me long to tell this ‘cool dude’ to stow his music where it belonged.

I also need a new pair of shoes, but I’m gong to order those online. Even so, with he exchange rate, they will probably cost me nearly $100 CAD.

Such is life.

2 thoughts on “Shopping…

  1. You are such a sad sad little man. Why don’t you go back to Canada. Oh right, nobody could tolerate you there. Why are you taking an entry level writing class? Based on your grammar and sentence formation you might best be served at a lower level of difficulty.

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