The power cord saga, Part deux…

You may recall that some low-life stole the power cord for my 17″ computer from the veranda here in San Pedro.

That was several weeks ago, so after searching around for another I finally decided to have the computer store order a new one from Hewlett Packard.

Yes, they could do that, and it would be delivered here to the hotel on January 21st.

On the 23rd I hired a cab and visited the said store to find out where my power cord was.

Seems there was a problem with delivery, and it won’t arrive until January 29th. Meanwhile, the manuscript to Two Irish Lads: Second Edition goes to the publisher February 1st, so it won’t make much difference having the other computer up and running by then.


I was having breakfast the other day, and the couple at the next table noticed the Canadian label on my walker. We got chatting after that, and I discovered they were from Orillia, of all places.

Small world.


Speaking of such things, I received a letter from someone I haven’t seen since the 1990s. Moreover, he sent a newspaper clipping from when I was on council in 1971. 1971! – Has it really been that long?! It’s frightening how quickly time passes.

I had better start writing twice as fast, because I still have more stories than years to write them.



A NEW AND revised version of TWO IRISH LADS.

sean with axe copy


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