Power cord saga … Part trois!

The stolen power cord that was due last week, and today “for sure,”  is still somewhere out there in the ether. I’ve spent $150 BZD ($110 CAD) to replace it, and at least $35 CAD in taxi fares so far, and I’m still using the 15″. Moreover, the manuscript is due at the publishers on Monday.

Given that, I decided to come to my favourite restaurant for a relaxing drink.

Did I say “relaxing?” The restaurant sound system is pumping out some of that mindless racket they call music these days, but to make matters worse there are a bunch of bimbos at the next table that brought their own. They, of course, and busy talking, so I’m the only one left listening to this crap – and I can’t stand it, To me it is like getting a root canal without the benefit of freezing.

Otherwise, the manuscript should go the the publisher on Monday, and I have picked the models for the front cover. They are fairly representative of the main characters, as is, but my designer will tweak  them a bit more to fit. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

The temperature is cool for Belize (24C) and overcast, but I have a light sweater that is just right.

There are two chaps from Petawawa staying next door, and they tell me that they were approached to buy drugs between the office and their room.

I’ll share the front cover, etc., when it’s finished.

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