The power cord saga continues…

NO POWER CORD YET! Errrgh! The cord that was supposed to be delivered (by a computer store here in San Pedro, Belize) a week ago Thursday, and that would arrive “for certain” Friday, and “absolutely certain” yesterday, hasn’t. Niow I’m beginning to wonder if it will arrive while I’m still here (i.e. before May), or for that matter in my lifetime.

It would have been nice to have it for working on the novel, but as it is the manuscript will go to the publisher tomorrow. There’s still work to be done on it – there always is – but the ball will start rolling tomorrow.

It’s another perfect day, weatherwise, (a hazy 82F), and it was a surprisingly quiet night for a Saturday, so life is fairly good. Mind you, it will only last until the alcohol sinks in.  The the voices will crank up, together with the rap-crap, and it will be ‘sleepless in San Pedro’ again.

Going to do my lunch run in a minute. It’s about a half mile (round trip), so I get my exercise while I’m at it. I also pick up dinner, so I have two meals for less than one in the restaurants. I’ve been able to cut my food bill by half, that way.

More next time

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