Making progress … One step forward, and two steps backward.

One novel with the publisher – ‘Two Irish Lads: Second Edition’ – and I started another one today.

I am revisiting ‘Coming of Age on the Trail.’ It is already written (…not published), but I think I have figured out a way to make it work. I’m cutting down on the mythological element and beefing up the ‘cowboy’ element. The mythological element was getting out of control.

There are  three bands presently playing different tunes (simultaneously), all of them within earshot, and LOUD! Plus, the drunks screeching like they were trying to have a good time, but missing the mark on credibility.

Like: “I’m a super jock(ess). I watch the Superbowl and get shit-faced. Yahoo!”

2 thoughts on “Making progress … One step forward, and two steps backward.

  1. At least it’s not snowing there like it is here in Michigan. It has been a very mild winter so far thank goodness. Florida has had a cold winter. Heard on news possible snow in north Florida. It’s snowing right now and forecast 6 inches but I don’t have to get outside. I do enjoy your blog. I’ll have to read “Two Irish Lads” again.

    • It’s so good to hear from you. Think of you often, and sorry about the snow.

      Yes, the weather here is delightful, but that is where the story ends. Otherwise it is probably the most annoying places on the earth – Ambergris, that is. Last night there were 3 bands playing simultaneously, full blast but with different tunes, and this went on until midnight.

      …And I’m paying $1200 US for this?!

      I’m thinking of going back to southern Georgia next year. It can’t be any more expensive than here.

      Take care.

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