Ta-da!… ’Two Irish Lads: Second Edition’


(In time for St. Patrick’s Day reading, and as a gift)

Two Irish Lads: Second Edition

by Gerry Burnie

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Available in Print. Kindle, and Nook formats


While in the process of demolishing an early 19th century cabin and fireplace near the Hamlet of Baldwin, Ontario (now part of the Town of Georgina), workers found a secret compartment in the base of the fireplace in which was hidden a metal box with three well-preserved journals inside. With some gaps as though there may have been other volumes, the journals cover the years 1820 until 1855, and bear the signature of Sean McConaghy, one of the two original landowners – the other being his cousin and lover, Patrick McConaghy.

A search was then made to discover if there were any living descendants of either party, and when none could be found the journals were eventually passed on to me as a descendant of Rose Ann Doherty, my great-great grandmother by a subsequent marriage to John Burnie.

The journals came to me at a time when homosexuality was still an anathema, and there was some reluctance on the part of the family to publicly disclose the contents. However, we have now achieved what Sean had hoped for in 1820 – “a time of tolerance and understanding,” – and so I have published this, the first volume of his journals, as a tribute to both Sean and Patrick McConaghy.

It is also a tribute to all gay pioneers who remain unrecognized, but who have contributed to the growth and prosperity of this country Canada under sometimes great physical and mental duress.

We salute you.

Gerry Burnie

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