Sleepless in Belize…

I am having the darndest time trying to shake this bronchitis. I think it has something to do with not getting enough sleep. I can’t build up enough resistance to throw it off.

Fortunately the party girls go home tomorrow (hallelujah!!), so all I will have to contend with is the bone-headed bar down the beach. It’s owned by a woman too. She lives – or did – at this hotel, so I’m dying to tell her what I think of her music.

Noise addiction.

I slept in this morning trying to catch up. There is generally only a few idiots wandering around during the day. But it is also the time when I try to get a bit of writing done.

I have received quite a few inquiries regarding ‘Two Irish Lads: Second Edition. However, it’s a bit early yet. All I can tell them is to keep watching Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

It should do well.

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