I’m as mad as hell, and so what…

I’ve spent most of the day trying to download a FTP (file transfer) program that contains all of my web page files.

My approach to these things is that it generally takes a week to download, and perhaps another week to activate. Just why it is a two-step process I don’t know, but it sure isn’t for my benefit.

True to form, I paid my money ($70 Cdn) and downloaded the program just fine, but the activation process won’t work. It says there is a ‘general problem’ (whatever that means) so I will try again tomorrow.

But why am I being put through this rigmarole? I paid my money, plus exchange, so why am I the one being inconvenienced?

Well, here’s my answer. It’s because no one gives a shit. Not the company, not the government who let the Canadian dollar slide for political reasons, and not my fellow consumers who let rip-offs like these go unchallenged.

Mind you, trying to get through to the company with your complaint almost requires a private investigator, but that a story for another day.


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