Good News…

The Two Irish Lads: Second Edition goes to the printer today.

Yes, the Two Lads are making their second debut with scrubbed faces and changed duds, and I gave them each a hug as they went out the door.

As usual they will be available in print, Kindle and Nook formats, and the new Amazon and Barnes and Noble pages are either up and running, or soon will be.

Reese Dante’s cover makes an outstanding impression, but the iUniverse first edition (typically) detracts from this. I have written to them to take it down, but unless there is a buck in it for them they aren’t that interested.

It started out hot and sunny, but a brief shower dropped the temp for a while. I has now passed, and so I think I can make it out for lunch without getting wet.

Re-writes on Coming of Age on the Trail are coming along nicely.

TIL cover 400px600px - med

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