It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood…

I hate to mention that in view of the nasties that are heading for the home territory, but one of the things I can say for Ambergris is that it does have beautiful weather. That, and a view.

Recently the noise hasn’t been that bad, either, but we still get drunks wandering by at 4:00 AM, and that god-awful, wretched music.

Everywhere you go – literally – one is assaulted by a sort of frantic music, played to the same repetitious, boring beat, and at a level that can be heard all over the country. It’s an obsession. And, if it is not being played from every hole in the wall, people are ‘bopping’ along with a smart phone or ghetto blaster.

I swear that if you open up the top of their heads you would find nothing but mush.

Today is the day I pay my dues to stay in the country – $50 BZD – so I am waiting for my driver to take me down to immigration. I may also take a look for something I can put on my feet. I prefer Velcro straps in white, but there is nothing like that in San Pedro. Laces are not only difficult for my fumbly fingers to manipulate, but they also dig into my instep. However, as I discovered, to order them in from outside quadruples the price ($75 US in duty, taxes and shipping alone!)

Two Irish Lads: Second edition is now listed on Amazon, but not on Barnes and Noble yet. It’s a bit early to expect that. It was only released last Friday. I haven’t been able to change my web page because the file transfer program I bought 10 days ago doesn’t work (what else is new?!)

I must create some St. Patrick’s Day ads as well.

Now available on Amazon in print, Kindle and Nook formats.
Now available on Amazon in print and Kindle formats. 


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