Thar she blows…

Strong onshore wind is howling (literally) around the ramparts of the hotel. It would make a good soundtrack for a horror movie.

I have to dig in my toenails, of course. Otherwise I’d end up in god-knows-where.

To make matters worse, I’ve picked a cold – trust me. I couldn’t have picked up a treasure that blew ashore, just a cold.

The sore throat has gone, and the cough isn’t as bad as some I’ve heard, but runny nose and light-headed sensation.

I’m sticking close to my room, and eating at the resttaurant just down the beach. Good food, and reasonable – for Ambergris (which is expensive any place else.)

Should get the manuscript wrapped up today.

I’m back in business…

Yahoo! The power cord arrived! Now I have to get used to this machine again.
Meanwhile, I’ve picked up a cold – with screaming sore throat and all. Not sure how you can catch a cold in 30C temps, but I managed to do it.
Of course it would have to happen just when I’m the busiest with last-minute preparations for submitting the novel. Nonetheless I’m up and at it.
Good to have the larger computer operational, though.