The long, long, epic story of Gerry’s shoes…

For those of you who haven’t been following the (now) epic saga of ‘Gerry’s Footwear’, it all started about three weeks ago when I decided to order shoes online – thinking that it would be easy.
It took me three days just to get passed the ZIP-code-requirement (which there isn’t in Belize), and the drop-down menu for US states to finally order a $37US pair of shoes from K-Mart/Sears/Freeborders, and all of its other manifestations.
That’s when I discovered that a $37US pair of shoes also carried a $24US shipping charge, and a $52US tax and duty just to get it inside the ‘Barbary Coast’ of Central America – bringing the cost to $113US ($147CDN).
Did I mention $24 delivery? Well that only brought it to Ambergris before they stuck their hand out again – for $15 BZD to bring it to my hotel.
Final word: The new shoes will go on a shelf until I am dusting my feet of this nickel-and-dime country. I need a new pair of shoes for passing under the noses of security, and I am sure as hell not going to spend another $147 for a $37US pair of shoes.

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