Putting out brush fires…

Meaning, dealing with outstanding problems – all of them due to other people’s indifference and/or incompetence.

Before I left Canada last November (2015) I changed credit card companies because the one had not sent me a renewal that would expired in January 2016. I may as well have saved me effort, because the cancelled credit  card company allowed charges on the expired card into February of 2016. (First incompetent).

Being conscientious, I informed my internet company of the change card with the new number. They continued to use the old card, so I informed them again. Nonetheless, last week I received a notice that my internet service was at risk of being cancelled because they couldn’t access my (old) credit card. (Second incompetent). [PS: I ‘lost it’ at that point, and told them to stuff their service.]

Perhaps you will recall that I purchased a file transfer program back in February, and that it wouldn’t activate – even though I used the company’s own installation wizard. Well, I received instructions to ‘deactivate’ the program from another computer and try again. Hmmm? Just how does one go about ‘deactivating’ a program that won’t activate in the first place? (Third incompetent).

By the way, in spite of notifying them twice now, the new book Two Irish Lads: Second Edition still isn’t listed on Barnes and Nobel, and the first edition is still listed for sale on both Amazon and B&N. The first edition was published by a different publisher at a cheaper price (and at a lower royalty), so I am competing with myself. (Two more incompetents).

Nevertheless, despite the time it takes to chase these things (not once but Twice or more) I am make sold progress on Coming of Age on the Trail. 

Available on Amizon in both paperback and Kindle formats.
Available on Amizon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

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