One step forward and two steps back…

I am slowly making progress (sort of…) with some of my outstanding issues.

In other words, I have finally been able to activate the FTP (file transfer protocol) program, and my publisher has done a very nice job of displaying Two Irish Lads: Second Edition on his website.

However, iUniverse (my former publisher) and Barnes and Nobel remain unchanged, and have merely responded with vapid questions or useless information.

For example, iUniverse questioned why the email address on my note to them was different from the one they have on file (from six years ago!), and B&N informed me that they answer many questions on their FAQ website. Yah, like I’m going to find the answer to why they aren’t listing my book on their FAQ website.

Oh, and Distributel (my IP server) finally got my account straightened out.

All that being said, I can’t access my website files using the FTP program I just activated because it is not synchronized with my other servers – which is what I downloaded it to do.

It is another gusty day with winds 25 – 30 mph at times. The last time we had one of these fronts it lasted for 10 days. The plus side, however, is that it discourages the drunks from wandering around at night. The mainland boats aren’t running, either, so new drunks aren’t coming in. I feel sorry for the businesses, though.

Time is certainly flying along. Already it’s March 11, and I will be leaving for home in a month-and-a-half.

More next time.

Available on Amizon in both paperback and Kindle formats.
Available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

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