Let’s see … Where did I leave off?

I think it was at the point my denture plate broke. A dentist friend here in Belize kindly offered to try to temporarily fix it with crazy glue, but it merely broke again. Not only that, but it left a sharp edge that chaffed my tongue.

Ever innovative (after years of dealing with life), I just happened to have an emery board for shaping nails, so I attacked the offending spur with it until I can at least wear the partial plate (for appearance.)

Oh, yes, then there was Amazon and the way the have screwed up my listing. So I sent them a detailed list of the screw-ups – including links and ‘do this’ instructions – and they still screwed-up! This is their own information we’re talking about (like listing the price as $7.07 on one page, and $6.98 on another.) So another email is in order.

And did I mention Barnes and Noble? Two Irish lads: Second Edition was published February 26, 2016, but it still hasn’t appeared on the B&N site. They say it is because of a new “review process”, which sounds disturbingly close to censorship, but that won’t retrieve the lost sales from the St. Patrick’s day market.

To get around the benefits of my advertising campaign going to my former publish, I sent them a cease and desist order to stop production of the 1st edition, but they (not surprisingly) are dragging their heels.

And so it goes… *Sigh*

I am pleased to see the warmer temps in the cold country; also the dollar at 76-cents this morning. Mind you, I only have one more payment to the hotel on April 5th, so I’ve paid my dues from 68-cents on. Oh, and I just got my Feb. Hydro bill – $395.

It’s overcast today, but the temp is still in the upper 70s.

More next time.

St. Patrick's Day lunch with my friend, Dr. Mark. No, that not green beer I'm drinking. It's local rum and coke -$4.00 CDN a shot.
St. Patrick’s Day lunch with my friend, Dr. Mark. No, that not green beer I’m drinking. It’s local rum and coke -$4.00 CDN a shot.

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