Starting to think of the trip home…

I can hardly believe it, but that time is peeking over the horizon.

Travel is always a stressful experience for me. First, I hate schedules. They generally involve someone else’s dictates, and I’ve hardly ever thought like anyone else. Worse, I have to depend on someone else to get me there, which has not always been the case – Take the case of the taxi driver who dropped me off at the wrong terminal in Toronto (at the advice from Google) for example.

Then, there’s the fact my walker is stored in baggage, so if I have to go to the washroom I have to depend on the flight crew to get me there.

This year I have naively made it even more difficult. To accommodate the management, here at the inn, I agreed to move out for a week in April. That means I have to pack twice – once to move to the hotel, and once for the return fight home. It also involves and overnight stay in Belize City, and again in Toronto (late arrival from Miami) before I get home.

Oh well, once step at a time.

Sorry to see it’s snowing on the home front. [Note to home: Please get rid of winter before May.]

It is a partly overcast day here in Belize. However, the temp if 24C. If it was just the temp and the scenery to contend with, I’d tell Wynne to stick her rules and taxes up her skirt and be out of Ontario in a flash. I may anyway, but it will take a bit more thought before I decide.

The double iis (‘incompetence’ and ‘indifference’)

I’m still trying to get Amazon sorted out. I sent them a full page memo with links and “do this” instructions, but they still screwed up. And Barnes and Noble still haven’t listed the new novel at all. That means I’ve lost my primary, St. Patrick’s Day market.

Meanwhile, the writing of Coming of Age on the Trail is coming along nicely. The mythological is blending in with the hard-nose cattle drive, and that was the hang-up before. I’m aiming at the Christmas market, and I should make it with ease. Still, I hhave to keep my nose to the screen.

PS: I’ve learned to chew with my broken dentures, so I can hang in until I get home (… Touch wood!)

Visit the Coming of Age website, go to “Vintage photos” is an interesting link.

CoAfinal2med 1

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