Another day in ‘near-paradise’…

What does that mean?

Well, my day starts between 9:00 and 9:30 AM, depending on whether it’s a shaving day, and then down the beach for breakfast. Of course, I take my 15″ computer with me, and so over coffee I check the headlines (680 news), the weather back home, the Canadian dollar, my mail and reports, etc. It saves time when I settle down to work at the hotel.

Breakfast generally consists of “Breakfast Burritos” – Two big burritos filled with scrambled egg, cheese, and re-friend beans. Then it’s back to the hotel to work.

I never have to worry about the weather, because it’s always the same – between 75 – 80, with no rain. We haven’t had rain for a month. However it is windy, and that blows the sand around – a fine sand that sticks to everything.

During the day I generally work on putting out brush fires, and advertising and promotion. Also, general things that interest me. It is not that these take up much time – in and of themselves – it’s having to do them them at least two or three because of finkicky computers or dense people. So what should have taken minutes stretches into hours.

Lunch comes at about 3:00 PM (I only eat two meals a day – even at home), and then I write until 11:00 PM.

After that, depending on the music and drunks, I try to get some sleep for the next day.

The island is starting to fill up with tourists – Easter weekend. Ulp! Apparently it’s the busiest weekend of the year, with lots of celebrating (noise) and screaming kids on a sugar rush. Oh joy!

Time for lunch.

Cory and Reb. "Coming of Age on the Trail".
Cory and Reb. “Coming of Age on the Trail”.

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