And the beat goes on …

Easter weekend is just about over, and that’s the good news. The bad news is that Spring Break is just about to begin.

About 50 of these young turks showed up for breakfast this morning – examples of ‘higher education’ – and promptly proceeded to make asses of themselves (…before 10 AM, mind!).

The experience was made even more anoying because my 15″ computer (Microcrap “Surface”) refused to boot properly. Micrcorap is bound and determined that everyone is going to download Windows 10 (whether we like it or not), so I think this has something to do with it. Anyway, it finally worked when I got back to the hotel.

In my experience, which covers nearly 8 decades on this earth, San Pedro has to be home to the greatest number of inconsiderate people I have ever come across. Yesterday I encountered four girls who were not only spread across the side walk, but had their groceries (a 2-4 of Belikan beer plus other things) spread across it, too. Nor did they offer to move themselves or the groceries.

Consequently, I had to get down from the side walk (on my walker) to go around them.

Then, today, someone in a golf cart had back right up to the door of Fido’s Restaurant, so that there was only room to squeeze by.

Were these people not taught to think, or is it a lost skill?!

Speaking about “Fido’s,” it’s a new restaurant I found. The food is okay, reasonably priced for Ambergris, and generous, but it’s the setting I like. It has that Kon-Tiki atmosphere that I like in a tropical bar. It also has the largest palapa (palm-thatched roof) in Belize.

I’ve attached a couple of photos for your interest.


Fido's Restaurant looking up at part of the palapa
Fido’s Restaurant looking up at part of the palapa


Fido's Tiki bar
Fido’s Tiki bar

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