Springtime in Upper Canada, 1820…

Just Released. "Two Irish Lads: Second Edition" - Available in Nook and Kindle formats.
Just Released. “Two Irish Lads: Second Edition” – Available in Nook and Kindle formats.

Story outline

About this New and Revised Edition:

What happens when Two Irish Lads set off for an adventure of a lifetime in the wildness of Upper Canada?

Adventure, discovery, comedy, and pathos!

From the time Cousins Sean and Patrick McConaghy board the Lovely Nelly in Ireland, travel up the Mighty St. Lawrence by voyageur canoe, and find themselves surrounded by primeval forest in Upper Canada, it is adventure and discovery on every page.

Then, just as they are about to despair at the seemingly impossible task ahead, a champion appears in the person of a calculating squire with two unmarried daughters on hand. The problem is that Sean and Patrick are already in love – with one another. The scene is then set for an adventure of a different kind.

Also appearing are a gossipy storekeeper; a hard-drinking blacksmith who befriends them; a talented but misunderstood schoolboy; a draconian priest; a sinister claim jumper who haunts the vicinity; and a loveable wolf cub by the name of “Canada.”

Adventure awaits at every turn in Two Irish Lads: Second Edition, so come along for the fun of it!

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2 thoughts on “Springtime in Upper Canada, 1820…

  1. Hi Gerry, enjoyed reading the first edition. Is the second much different? Are there any big changes? Hope you’re doing well and ready to come back to winter weather!!

    • Hi Kay

      The plot is the same, but the writing is fairly different: The characters are more developed, and it reads smoother. I never noticed how badly the first edition was edited (by a professional), so I edited this one myself.

      I’ll be sad to leave the good weather, but not the location. Too bad the two couldn’t have gotten together. 🙂

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