From the nursery…

It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, that I regard children on the same level as mosquitoes. They are noisy, misbehaved (parents’ faults), and they never shut up. Having said that I have just survived (almost) the family from hell.

The parents are thoroughly ‘modern’ – meaning they don’t believe in disciplining children. Rather, they believe in talking with them. Now, from observation (…that’s as close as I care to be) children are born exploitive, and talking to them is about as effective as reading them in Swahili.

In addition, the baby never shut up FOR ONE SECOND from morning until late at night – a sort of whining moaning sound that cut through walls like a drill. The girl (about 6) was spoiled rotten, and thought nothing of sassing her parents (who reasoned with her). The first time I saw her she was sucking on a soother, which tells you something.

Anyway, this has been going on since last Thursday, and others have complained as well, so this morning they took off like a travelling sideshow – kids screaming and parent reasoning, and me breathing a sigh of relief.

The good side of Ambergris – the weather – is showing another face (equally as nice). Yesterday was hot and humid – near 90 – but today is balmy. Plus – and a big PLUS it is – it has a quieting effect on everyone. If things were like this on a continuing basis I’d consider living here, but I know it is only a lull in the storm.

It's nice to see some families going down the road.
It’s nice to see some families going down the road.

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