The days dwindle down…

Less than four weeks left. However, now comes the most trying time with all the disruption and living by schedules.

As I have mentioned before,  I hate schedules. I think it has something to do with having to rely on others to get you there, etc., and my distrust of their reliability. That’s why I always leave myself plenty of time in case things go wrong. It has saved my bacon countless times.

I made the mistake of agreeing to be moved to another hotel for a week just before I  leave Belize. I haven’t seen the hotel, so I might like it, but it means I have to pack twice (with accompanying disruption).

Then, I have decided to fly to the mainland on a small, 9-passenger plane, so that should be an experience too. Nevertheless, it’s faster and smoother (I hope) than boat.

I’m just in the process of making reservations at a hotel near the airport so I will be right there when I start my long journey home. Since my walker is stored in luggage, my concern is always getting to the washroom if I am called to do so in flight. I think I can do it with help, but I’ve never tried walking that way.

I will be sorry to leave the perfect weather and view, but not overly sorry to leave the noise and the omnipresent (god awful) ‘music’. It will also be good to get back to the convenience and lower prices of North America – where a pair $37 sneakers don’t set you back $167!

As much as I love the year-round good weather of Belize, and HATE Wynne’s Ontario, I think Belize is too basic for me (at my age). Therefore, I think I will put the thinking cap on when I get home, and come up with plan B. I do want to get out of Ontario before that stupid woman in Queen’s Park bankrupts us all – seniors especially – but where I don’t know.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

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