Microcrap strikes again…

Well, it looks like Microcrap has done it again. I have had at least half-a-dozen computers that have been ‘crashed’ by Microcrap, never to operate again.
I suppose I should have known better than to buy a Microcrap ‘Surface’ as well ($1,300 bucks), but I wanted something that was fast and light for travelling. Now it’s dead weight and ‘dead’ slow.
I think it may have gotten infected by a virus – even though I was running Norton’s 360 – but it may also have been Microcrap simply wanting me to download Windows 10. Anyway, it started to go wonky, as only a computer can, so I did download Windows 10.
By now I had wasted two or three days trying this and that, so imagine my disappointment when the the problem persisted (in spite of Windows 10).
Okay, desperate times call for desperate means, so I wiped the system clean and re-installed Windows 8.1.
Did it work. No. So, to this point I have wasted about a week’s time; the machine is junk, I’m out $1,300 – in addition to the apps I had downloaded on it; plus several handfulls of hair that I pulled out in the process.
Microcrap, you owe me.

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