Entering the home stretch…

I am glad to see some warmer numbers on the home front, so I hope we don’t get any more relapses when I finally get there.

For someone who doesn’t like travelling, I sure have given myself a long row to hoe. I am flying to the mainland aboard one of those 9-passenger, twin engine props, then by regional jet to Miami, then by regular jet to Toronto, and by shuttle from there to my doorstep. Altogether, these are spread over three days. Ulp.

It is another perfect day weatherwise (28C), here in Ambergrise – BTW, I discovered what “ambergris” means. It means ‘whale vomit’. Figures. Someone must have named it after being kept awake all night. I have given it a few names after such an occasions, but none of them are repeatable.

No one can fault the weather, though. Every day in the mid-t-upper 70s with an onshore breeze. If it wasn’t for the rest of it I would be moving here in a minute. I’ve got to get out of Ontario before that stupid woman premier bankrupts us all.

The CAN dollar is up to 78-cents (from 68 in November), after I have paid 95% of my major expenses in US funds. Wouldn’t you just know it?! So, this has been my most expensive trip yet – to a place that is supposed to be so cheap. The US dollar is worth 2 to 1 BZD, but the prices are also 2 to 1 American. Meanwhile the Can dollar is worth about $1.40 BZD, so I’m losing at both ends.

Besides being a writer, I am now starting to look like a long-haired writer too. There is a barber shop within easy walking distance for me, but to get into it you have to step up on a concrete block! Can’t you just see me pirouetting on a concrete block with my walker in hand, so I haven’t had a haircut since November.

The writing is coming along well. I am now up to nearly 100 manuscript pages, out of 155, so I should be done in lots of time for the Christmas market.

Meanwhile, keep thinking spring.

Think Spring!
Think Spring!


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