What is it with Liberals?…

I just read that Steve Clarke [mayor of Orillia and former Liberal candidate] is planning to sell off Orillia Hydro to Hydro One!

Is he nuts?! That’s like sacrificing us all to the Kraken. Hydro One is up to its ying-yang in debt, scandal, graft and incompetence, so much so that Wynne has privatized part of it so the stench of it can’t be made public, and this is what Clarke and the Orillia council thinks if good for the people?!
But what can you expect from a mayor and council that revived the MURF (at a cost of $50M-plus) after it had been renounced  by the previous council.
I really do have to get out of Orillia and Ontario before Clarke and ‘Blunder Woman’ bankrupts us all.
One more day here at the hotel before I move up the beach to another. Then I am back for a week before I start the long journey home.
Ahem. I just checked the temps in Orillia, and I must say that I’m unimpressed – especially since they’re only predicting 8C for the first of May. Talk about thermal shock! It’s 28C here today, so that’s like a 20-degree difference.
I wonder what the temps in British Columbia are at this time of the year? Like I said; I really do have to get out of Ontario.
More next time.

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